650 g / m², width 130 cm Linen fabric - Nature

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Linen fabric Natural colored in 100% linen.

Ordering takes place in whole meters.

The first number indicates the width, the second the thickness of the fabric by weight (g / m²).

130-650 is a strong load-bearing natural-colored linen fabric in 100% linen that weighs 650 g / m². The width is 130 cm.

The carrying fabric is used for the Lamino armchair, among other things.

For one Lamino armchair you will need two meters of fabric, which is also enough for a second armchair if you cut the fabric lengthwise so that the width is 65 cm.

We also offer a complete reupholstery set (excluding sheepskin) for 1 Lamino with Linen fabric, foam profiles and glue click here