Wadding & fiber

63 DKK
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Polyester Padding 100g, 150 cm in width

Thin polyester padding in 100% thermal polyester.

Vadd i polyester
70 DKK
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Polyester Padding 200g, 150 cm in width

Wadding weighing 200 g / m², used with in cushions and seats.

300 gram polyester
90 DKK
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Polyester Padding 300g, 150 cm in width

A thick padding for extra comfort. Hela 300 g / m²

39 DKK
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Loose Polyester

Soft material to fill pillows and stuffed animals.

77 DKK
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Typer Upholstery Felt 700 g/m²

A strong padding of recycled waste material.

99 DKK
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Cotton wadding white 450g / m², 100cm

A white cotton padding that gives a smooth and pleasant feeling.

125 DKK
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Ball fiber 0.5 kg / pack

Filling material to fill pillows etc.