Webbing stretcher, magnetic hammer, measuring tape

Magnetic hammer

When it comes to tightening and stretching saddle straps, you will find tensioners here. You can then attach the saddle girth with one of our magnetic hammers. The magnetic hammer with it's narrow head makes work easy in tight spaces and with the magnetic hammer head, it is both flexible and easy to pick up attached knobs. We also have other handy tools and equipment for measuring and mounting, among other things, car clamps.

Magnethammare 2000
213 DKK
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Magnetic hammer 2000

An entry hammer for those who just stareted out or for those who hold training.

Magnethammare 222
487 DKK
Sadelgjordsspännare OS255
263 DKK
Sadelgjordsspännare OS253
390 DKK
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Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher

With this webbing stretcher you will get plenty of leaverage which will produce a hish tension and is a suitable choice when you have to tighten linen belt.

66 DKK
Bilklammertång 773
653 DKK
860 DKK
257 DKK
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253 DKK
Måttstock, 2m
90 DKK
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Folding rule, 2 meter

A yardstick that works just as well to measure wood as it does to measure fabrics and skins.

Sömnadsmåttband 1,5 m
23 DKK
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Measuring tape 1,5 meter

Traditional sewing tape measure found in everyone's home.

Smidigt rullmåttband 1,5 m
43 DKK
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Rolling Tape Measure

A flexible measuring tape of 150 cm that is rolled in with a simple push of a button.

Självhäftande måttband totalt 20 m
273 DKK
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Self-adhesive tape measure 20 meters

A self-adhesive measuring tape that is suitable for attaching to tables for repetitive measurements.

450 DKK
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Lever Spring Stretcher OS 268

Simple but powerful tool for stretching sinuous springs

780 DKK
Praktisk hållare för möbelspik
193 DKK
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