Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher

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Powerful webbing Tensioner

A powerful stretcher that you can easily get a high tension with. A really professional tool

The webbing tensioner is of the so-called gooseneck model. It has a protective ribbed rubber coating on the upper edge for a good, safe and effective stop when strapping straps and saddle straps. The comfortable wooden handle allows you to work long and methodically.

The long lever makes you tighten the saddle belt very tightly, it is excellent for tightening up, among other things, linen saddle belt.

The tensioner is easy to work with, the strong "thorns" give you a good grip in the belt and are definitely one of the big favorites.

How to use: Place the rubber-covered part against the furniture edge. Place the webbing over the 6 "spikes" and make sure you get a good grip. Tighten the seat belt to the desired hardness and then fasten the belt with staples or nails.