Reupholstery kit for the Lamino Armchair

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Upholstery kit for Yngve Ekström's Lamino / Laminett Armchair for those who wants to reupholster themself

Color: Scandinavien grey

The kit includes: Sheepskin, load-bearing fabric, glue and foam pads.

Supplier: Skandilock, the same sheepskin used on the original from Swedese.

Feel free to watch our "do it yourself" page; dress about Lamino

Care instructions: With the right care, your sheepskin furniture will stay fresh for many years. As dust and dirt accumulate at the bottom of the leather, you should ventilate and vacuum your furniture regularly. Use adhesive roller for loose dirt. Stains should be soaked in cold water as soon as possible. Clean with sponge, lukewarm water and wool shampoo. However, try to avoid too much water penetrating through as stains can form on the underside of the armchair. Avoid exposing the skin to strong sunlight.

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